The Story Behind DOGS ON CAPE COD

“I’ve lived in Chatham since 1975, the town where my father was born and raised, and I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with dogs. This book only began, though, when a dear friend arrived on the Cape with her new puppy, a Cavalier King Charles, named Murphy. From the first moment I photographed him, I began to see the Cape in a very different light; I saw it through Murphy’s eyes. His wonderment of seeing everything for the very first time made it evident how much he loved his home.”

“With that, the idea was born to create a book capturing the love that dogs have for this unique environment. DOGS ON CAPE COD features dogs of every age, from puppies to elderly dogs.  Whether pure bred or mixed, their importance in our lives always proves to be extraordinary. My hope is that DOGS ON CAPE COD captures the joy the Cape has to offer every kind of dog.” — Kim Roderiques

For those who love the Cape,
wherever you are right now.

“It’s clear these dogs, as captured with humor and love by Kim Roderiques, know they’ve found the best place on earth, and they’re enjoying every moment. Good lesson for us all! Seeing these pups bask in the glory of Cape Cod, makes me want to jump in my car and be there too!” Martha MacCallum, News Anchor on the Fox News Channel and Chatham resident.

“If, like me, you are lucky enough to have been to Cape Cod with a dog, you will treasure these evocative images of the wild beauty of one of the most wondrous places in America.  If you haven’t been to Cape Cod with a dog, my advice is first, get a dog, second, feast your eyes on this marvelous book and then third, get yourself to Cape Cod, you’ll thank me.” —W. Bruce Cameron, author of A Dog’s Purpose

“I was sitting in Arizona when I received Dogs on Cape Cod. Seeing the joy these dogs had playing on the beaches and in the marsh grasses on the Cape carried me back to my family visits in Harwich. The dogs are so full of life, it just made me smile.”—Betsy King, LPGA Hall of Fame golfer and founder of Golf Fore Africa