About the Photographer

Kim Roderiques and her dogs Hank and Rooney

Kim Roderiques is the daughter of longtime Cape Cod business proprietors, owners of The Trading Company in Chatham, Massachusetts since the 1970s. Ironically, it is this clothing boutique, and the community it serves, that ultimately provided the longtime shutterbug the opportunity to expand her professional horizons and start her own successful business as a portrait photographer.

First photographing Cape Cod families (who inevitably had at least one dog) Kim’s pet portrait business soon grew significantly when people noticed her passion over their canines. Still shooting twenty years later, Kim never tires of the pure joy and elements of surprise that her work with dogs provides. Over the years Ms. Roderiques’ photography has been exhibited in juried shows in the South Shore and on the Cape, and her work has been published in magazines including Gourmet Magazine and Cape Cod Magazine. DOGS ON CAPE COD is the photographer’s first book.