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When It Comes to Birds and Llewelyn Setters, Be Careful What You Wish For

LuLu, A Llewelyn Setter

LuLu, a Llewelyn Setter, is obsessed with birds. LuLu’s human dad was ecstatic at the prospect of their setter puppy becoming a companion for bird hunting, a pursuit in which she was born to excel. If her obsession with the birds in her yard was any indication of her talents in the field, she would be masterful!

The day finally arrived when LuLu’s dad decided that the young Setter would make the leap from backyard birding to field hunting. He was so excited to have a companion with him on his hunting trips, something he had wished for since getting a bird dog.

Everything on their first outing had gone according to plan except for one thing: the risk of LuLu getting injured from any number of elements: wild animals, hidden traps, stray shots. Hunters and their dogs are completely vulnerable in the open field. Lulu’s dad spent more time worrying about LuLu than sending her after game.

By day’s end, LuLu’s dad knew that even though he couldn’t have had a more enthusiastic companion, his fears of something terrible happening in the field to his dog far outweighed his joy of having a birding partner. His family was deeply in love with this dog; She was an integral part of the family. Consequently, their first birding trip became their last! From that moment on, the only birding LuLu did was in the backyard.

To this day, LuLu remains an avid bird watcher. But playing with the family is what everyone prizes above all, a talent far safer than any field work!

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