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Two Maltipoos Experience the Joy of Dog-Friendly Cape Cod Beaches

Eloise, a Maltipoo, at Neel's Beach, in Harwich PortThere is something magical about watching dogs play on the beach when they are free from leashes with virtually no restrictions or boundaries, when they can dig in the sand to their heart’s content, take a dip in the cool ocean, climb the dunes, and roll endlessly while feeling the texture of the sand against their bodies.

Eloise, a Maltipoo, is a classic example of a dog who enjoys all of these activities on the beach. She cherishes opportunities to “let go” and get lost in the moment. On a cool autumn day I photographed Eloise and her family on Neel’s Beach in Harwich Port. We had barely begun the shoot when Eloise suddenly grabbed her leash in her mouth and took off running along the water. We all couldn’t help laughing hysterically at her complete joy! That exuberance and unbridled energy is what dogs must feel every time they experience the invigorating salt air and the inviting freedom of a long open beach. I never tire of seeing the sheer bliss in the eyes of dogs like Eloise at those times.

Gadget, also a Maltipoo, is another lover of the beach. He lives near dog-friendly Ridgevale Beach in West Chatham and is lucky enough to go for a run on the beach almost each day. The expression in this photograph says it all: contentment, excitement, and pure happiness. There is nothing like the experience of Cape Cod beaches for dogs!

Gadget, Maltipoo, at Ridgevale Beach, West Chatham

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